Jim Carter
Jim Carter
Football Official

Jim Carter has been a youth football official for 51 years in Snohomish County. He began his career officiating as a side official but quickly excelled and was moved to the important position of head official/referee. Recognized for his hours of dedication, commitment, and knowledge of the game, he was selected by the State Officials Association (WOA) and officiated 6 State Championships along with approximately 35 state semi-finals. He also officiated approximately 40 conference and league championships as well as 10 All Star Games.

He has received numerous awards from the WOA including twice being named Official of the Year, the Tom Cross Award for his contributions to Washington State High School football, and the WOA Meritorious Service Award. He has also been an 18-year WOA Board Member, serving six years as Vice President.

Jim additionally volunteered his time as a charter member the Snohomish County Hall of Fame since its inception in 2010. Likewise, he was a charter board member of the Snohomish County Football Officials Association (SCFOA) Hall of Fame committee which provided more than $250k in scholarships for local youth under his leadership. Carter has embodied the SCFOA mission of “Giving Back to the Community” He is a multi-time winner of the Hopkins-Quake Award for the organization and is well known for his contributions to the sport and community.