Darrell Storkson

Darrell Storkson

A decorated junior golfer, Darrell Storkson graduated from Everett High School in 1961 where he led the Seagulls golf team to back-to-back state titles.

Ironically, it was not golf but rather the sport of bowling where Darrell really made his mark. Darrell went on to become a hailed professional bowler when beginning at the age of 27 he joined the PBA: Professional Bowlers Association and over his career would go on to roll strikes in 25 tournaments, cashing in on 12.

Storkson really came into his own on the PBA Senior Tour where over a 12-year period he won the prestigious 1999 Senior Masters and in 2001 finished in second place at 56 years old. Darrell had many other top finishes, winning the Senior Masters in Reno (1999), taking second place in the Senior Masters in Tucson (2001), winning the Showboat Open in Las Vegas (2003) and winning the Northwest Senior Masters (2003). And at the age of 61 Storkson rolled his 18th perfect 300 game. Darrell truly was a lean, mean bowling machine!

In 2005, Darrell Storkson was named by the Daily Herald as one of the Top 50 Athletes from Snohomish County. Also, in 2005, Darrell was inducted into the Washington State U.S. Bowling Congress Hall of Fame. Most recently, in 2019 he was inducted into the Snohomish County U.S. Bowling Congress Hall of Fame.

Darrel is recognized as an elite member of the PNW Bowling community as a highly successful bowler and business owner. For 48 years from 1969 to 2017 Darrell and wife Marjorie owned and operated the landmark Evergreen Bowling Lanes.

Today, firmly a part of Snohomish County’s athletic heritage, Darrell is retired and still resides in Snohomish County.