1955 Darrington High School Boys Basketball Team
1955 Darrington High School Boys
Basketball Team

Darrington High School is the only Snohomish County Class B school to win three boys basketball state championships. They first won in 1955 and then again shortly thereafter in 1957. A couple of the 1955 team members were also on the 1957 team. In 2003 they won the state title for the third time. During the 1950s the Loggers ruled in Class B basketball but it was the 1955 team that won the first state title, which also made it the first Darrington sports team to win a state championship.

A new gymnasium had been built by the community the previous year so larger crowds could attend the games in this then more state of the art facility. Large crowds came out to cheer on this exciting team. This eventual state championship team lost only 4 of its regular season games and was undefeated in the District Playoffs. But when they went to the state tournament, they were considered underdogs as they were unknown and had only one player taller than six feet. But they were undefeated during their four state tournament games beating Bainbridge High 56-54 in the championship game. It was a hotly contested, exciting and crowd pleasing game with the lead changing twelve times.

Head coach of the team was the very accomplished high school basketball coach, LaVern Simmons, who was an inaugural inductee in the Darrington High Athletic Hall of Fame in 2011. His assistant coach was Bill Carroll. The team’s roster consisted of 12 players and a student manager. Team Captain Gerald Green was the tournament’s Most Valuable Player and like Coach Simmons was an inaugural inductee in Darrington High’s Athletic Hall of Fame, as was team member David Edwards who was a freshman at the time and later excelled in four sports. He was on the 1957 state championship basketball team.

The post season play was an exciting time for the town of Darrington and Darrington High, as well as it was for the Bainbridge contingent. More than 6,000 fans attended the championship game.


1955 Darrington High School Boys Basketball Team