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Athlete Spotlight Interview: Miller Warme
April 19, 2024

The Snohomish County Sports Commission recently sat down with Miller Warme, a Track and Field athlete competing at Kamiak High School in Mukilteo, Washington. Warme is a dual athlete, also competing on the men’s soccer team. As a freshman in high school, he has already competed in some outstanding track and field competitions, such as the Junior Olympics in Eugene, Oregon. Read on to learn more about Warme and his experience playing sports in Snohomish County!

SCSC:   How did you first get involved with track, what inspired you to pursue it?

WARME: Track was a funny story. 7th grade was the first year we could do track because they wouldn’t let 6th graders participate, I don’t know why, but I just did it for fun. I was pretty good at hurdles, and I won the seventh-grade districts for it, so I thought maybe be good at this. But at the time, I didn’t think it could go anywhere, so I was more focused on soccer. The next year during eighth grade season, I did a lot better in track, but I was still more focused on soccer in high school. One day during school, I was told that I was invited to this important meet up in Kent. After that meet is when I decided to start pursuing track because I could have a future in this. I didn’t completely drop soccer, I’m still playing. Currently, I’m trying to juggle both and play both as much as I can.

SCSC: What events do you specialize in?

WARME: I’m more short distance. My real specialty is running hurdles. I run the 300-meter and the 110-meter hurdles. Also, both my relay teams, which is the four by one and the four by four.

SCSC: What do you enjoy the most about those?

WARME: I really do enjoy hurdles. I have a fantastic coach who’s helped me a lot. I’ve seen the progression. With other events, it’s hard to see progression, but in hurdles, it’ so straightforward. It’s motivating, every race I’m trying to get better and better.

SCSC: What has been your most memorable moment or achievement in track so far?

WARME: I would say my most memorable moment was back in July when qualified for the Junior Olympics up in Eugene, Oregon. That was just a super fun experience. To be able to compete with some of the best people in the nation, and then run in a wonderful Stadium [University of Oregon] was definitely my most memorable experience.

SCSC: What challenges have you faced as an athlete and how have you overcome them?

WARME: More of a straightforward problem I’ve faced is overcoming the change in hurdle heights. In middle school, the hurdles were a lot shorter. In High School, hurdles are so much taller, and it was an entire flip of how I had to look at them. Going into hurdles and sprints, it’s all repetitions. I’ve just had to practice and stay on top of it every single day to slowly get better at them. That’s really the main goal. Staying healthy and preventing injuries is also something I’m big on. I try to always stay healthy so I can compete at the best level I can.

SCSC: Who’s been your biggest influence or mentor?

WARME: My parents have always pushed me to do the best I can. They’ve been really great role models for me, and how they take up all their challenges in life. I’m the youngest of three siblings and seeing my two older sisters succeed in life and strive for their goals really has been a influence.

SCSC: How do you prepare yourself before a competition

WARME: I always try to keep my body as ready as possible. I’m big on packing my bags the night before and making sure I have everything laid out. I hydrate and have a really good dinner the night before. If I know I’ve done everything I can twice as good as possible, it gives me a little more security.

SCSC: In what ways do you think participating in sports has positively impacted your life?

WARME: For soccer, being part of a team your whole life and meeting new people has built bonds that you can’t find in other places. You rely on other people throughout the whole match, practice, and season and build these bonds and trust with other people that I think is so important. The same goes for track. It’s more individual but you still make so many friends and meet so many new people. It’s really just good for your health.

SCSC: Do you have any long-term goals with track?

WARME: I would love to run in college. I’d love to compete at D1 level, that’d be my long-term goal.

SCSC: Do you have a dream school?

WARME: I would say the University of Washington would be my dream school. They have fantastic academics, and their track is also wonderful. It’s also close to home, which is something I would enjoy. Being in Seattle would be fun.

SCSC: What advice or words of wisdom do you have for kids just starting track?

WARME: Try new things. Try new events. Don’t be afraid to try something new. Sure, hurdles can seem scary at first. Sure, long Jump can seem scary at first, but it really isn’t. It can’t hurt to try. One day, I decided to do hurdles and that changed the course of my athletics for the rest of my life.